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Found People Interviews Kevin Krossing – Brand Strategist and Story Guy
This post is a repost from an interview I did with Toronto-based recruiter Found People on May 16, 2013. I hope you enjoy the discussion. When it comes to building brands, Kevin’s name pops up a lot during our conversations with clients and candidates. His success hinges upon how he engages consumers in a meaningful way, through emotions, community and stories. Who is Kevin? As a digital marketer and ...
Thought Starter Documentary Series
We all know the planet is under tremendous pressure. Corporations are making more, spending more and consuming more of the world’s resources than ever before. They do this to meet our seemingly insatiable demand. So, everybody is responsible. Many would vilify brands as many are creating unhealthy cycles of consumerism that are contributing to the death of the planet.
Joe Fresh – Communicating during the Bangladesh disaster
In my ongoing review of how Joe Fresh has responded to the disaster in the collapsed Bangladesh factory, I thought it was important to review the brands social media activity. My goal during this analysis to help consumers, employees, victims and the world understand how a trusted brand has reacted to this horrific event. In my previous post, I did some analysis on social media data spanning April 24, ...
Negative impact to the Joe Fresh brand.
I have been doing some analysis on specific sets of social media data to understand what impact the Bangladesh disaster is currently having on the Joe Fresh brand. Anyone who is watching the horrific pictures in the media is probably also aware that consumers are calling for a boycott to the brand. Currently, the Joe Fresh social media channels used include: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FourSquare, Tumblr and Pinterest (see the
Why sponsor the screening of Design & Thinking?
Design & Thinking teaches us that we are all creative and can contribute to solving problems. This is critical now, more than ever. Many companies now see the need to develop their own cultures of innovation. The market changes rapidly as people’s needs for new products and services continue to evolve. The challenge is that our problems in business, government and society have become more complex and more ambiguous.
Why sponsor the screening of The Naked Brand?
Advertising is changing, and it’s not because of ad agencies or clients. Today’s consumers are yearning for more from their brands – more meaning, more connection, and more environmental and social responsibility. People want to know what a brand’s relationship is with the community and the culture it inhabits. They want to know – they demand to know – that the brands they buy are giving back and contributing positively ...
Fabricating our cultural dialogue, one byte at a time
Recently, there has been much discussion about how our cultural experiences are being altered or controlled by our own genius and ingenuity. The computer systems we have created are now altering our interactions with each other and changing our worldviews. This was not the impact the “code” was destined to deliver to fulfill our vision about our collective future. Now, to be transparent, I am one of the many, who ...
Lessons from the Tamagotchi
Remember the Tamagotchi, the virtual pet? It was a deceptively simple device that became a phenomenon. Launched in 1996, it went on to sell over 40 million units worldwide. While it was a commercial hit, it baffled us all at its allure – both for children and adults alike. Who would have ever thought that nurturing a virtual pet would become the basis for a wildly successful and profitable game?
Understanding people through better segmentation
Let’s start with the traditional approach to customer segmentation. We look at ethnography, income, attitudes, and past purchase behavior, if we have that level a data available. The goal is to develop a clear understanding of a group of people to determine what stimuli will get them to respond in a positive way toward the brand.
How do you define experience?
We seem to be caught in a perpetual loop around the notion of experience. Marketers, social media gurus and digital media experts talk about ‘experience’, and how important it is to deliver an authentic experience to drive a result (traffic, likes, sales, etc). They are right in focusing on the importance of the brand experience, since most products and services have become commodities; experience is our final and perhaps only ...