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Today’s brands aren’t owned by corporations, they’re shared experiences owned by us all. Now, consumers expect the brands they buy to be transparent, sustainable and socially responsible. It’s time for some new collaborative thinking.

Catalyst Workshops
Kevin Krossing offers catalyst workshops that are customized to each client’s specific needs. The sessions are designed to arrive at tangible and practical solutions that can help companies transform their brands. Whether you’re a startup, small business or a global brand, Kevin provides an understanding of culture, technology and business to quickly uncover key insights about your brand.

The collaborative work sessions blend your key challenges with behavioral economics, cognitive psychology and design and system thinking to deliver insights and actionable results. Sessions can include: Kevin’s unique workshops help companies define profitable growth platforms, identify new opportunity spaces and create new products and services. He can also address how to build the systems, processes and metrics to make significant change a reality.

The first step is to contact Kevin, who will work to understand your challenges and define how he can help.

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